History of Colloidal Gold.

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The metal gold never corrodes or even tarnishes, is completely non-toxic, and exhibits no interactions with other drugs. Gold is the only heavy metal that has a right-hand atomic spin and is therefore easily tolerated by the body.

For thousands of years, people have been adding gold to their diet in order to achieve a more balanced mind, body, and spirit. The earliest application of gold as a beneficial agent was recorded in China. Back in 2500 BC, mixture made with gold were used to treat diseases in joints, loss of consciousness, fever, agitation, red tongue, sudden fainting, furuncles, smallpox, skin ulcers, measles and baby's sudden convulsion.

The mystical metal has been used for both spiritual and medical purposes as far back as ancient Egypt. Over 5,000 years ago, the Egyptians used gold in dentistry and ingested it for mental, bodily, and spiritual purification. These ancients believed that gold in the body worked by stimulating (chi-life force) and raising the level of vibration on all levels.

Ancient cultures used gold in ceremony to access higher states of consciousness. Achieving higher states of consciousness and improving the ability for more effective prayer and meditations require the removal of etheric blockages.

Although the Egyptians knew of the metaphysical and healing powers of gold, it was the the famous medieval German physician and alchemist Paracelsus (1493-1541) who first prepared colloidal gold solution in modern times. He called his purple solution of gold Aurum Potabile (Latin-Drinkable Gold) and believed it cured all manner of physical, mental, and spiritual ailments. „Of all Elixirs, Gold is supreme and the most important for us, for it can keep the body indestructible. Drinkable gold will cure all illnesses, it renews and restores.“" he wrote.

In his writings, Paracelsus alleged to have cured the most diverse chronic illnesses and many hopeless cases. He also said he had taken it as a prophylactic measure and so protected himself against infections like the Plague. Furthermore, it was possible to detoxify and purge the whole system with it: Over the course of several months its ingestion would thoroughly cleanse all “juices”, regenerating the blood, the cells, and thus the whole organism, the traditional reports allege.

According to alchemical concepts gold possesses strong sun-like powers. Therefore, in man, it strengthens the “sun force”, will impart greater vitality and a “sunny frame of mind”.

The alchemist, Isaacus Hollandus, wrote in the 15th century: “Firstly, this Aurum Potabile is an excellent treasure and arcanum safeguarding the body from many illnesses, as it strengthens the heart and the spirits...”

After studying the work of Paracelsus, the English chemist Michael Faraday ((1791-1867) prepared the first pure sample of colloidal gold in 1857, and many uses were found for his solutions of “activated gold.”

In 1890, the famous German physician Robert Koch(1843 –1910) won the Nobel Prize for his discovery that compounds made with gold inhibited growth of the bacillus that caused tuberculosis.

In the late 1800s, gold-containing medications were used to treat alcoholism, and they also have been used to treat rheumatoid arthritis pain, according to the Meridian Institute.

 A French study in 1927 showed that placing a 5 dollar gold coin on a painful joint reduced the pain considerably and improved the circulation around the effected area.

Now days, there are many ways whereby gold can be ingested into human bodies. Gold is one of the food additives with E-number E175. In many countries, one can legally and unknowingly consume gold by consuming foods containing E175. Another way to ingest gold is to take gold salts or colloidal gold.

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