Alternative Health Resources.

Cure Zone.
Educating, Not Medicating - a wonderful site full of information and interaction on all kinds of healing.
Dr Mercola's alternative health site has a wonderful selection of articles distilled from medical journals on almost every topic. Plus he wrote a pretty good book on health.

This is the great magnesium information site . They have a listing of articles by disease that is very informative.

Herbal Dietary Supplements Learn about herbal nutritional supplements and natural remedies. The intention of I-AM Perfectly Healthy is to provide focus, education and product support for those desiring to create optimum health… and Keep It There.! - Directory of organized health information...

Body Cleansing / Detox Plan & Natural Cures for Good Health This site provides a simple body cleansing, detoxification and nutrition plan and a variety of natural cures to cleanse and detoxify your whole body, to cure common ailments naturally, and to promote good health. The Alternative Resource for Lower Back Pain Solutions.

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ABC Homeopathy If you're new to homeopathic medicine, start with our acclaimed guide to homeopathy.

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